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Terms of Use

By uploading digital images and data to this site you are granting the Fermanagh County Gravestone Photos the right to use all materials provided.  We reserve the right to crop, enhance and resize images to meet the needs of the project.  All data and image submissions will become a permanent part of the Fermanagh County Gravestone Photos.  The submitter has given permission to the Fermanagh County Gravestone Photos to store the file(s) permanently for free access.

PHOTO OWNERSHIP & COPYRIGHT - Photographers retain full copyright and ownership rights of their original image.  The Fermanagh County Gravestone Photos only claims ownership of the copy that has been uploaded.

HOT LINKING PROHIBITED - Direct linking to the graphics on this web site is prohibited. This is considered "Hot Linking" and in effect you are stealing bandwidth from this web site. Images used on your site must be saved to your computer or server and not referenced in your html code to the images located on our server. Making IMG calls to images located on WWW.TAMMYMITCHELL.COM from your html documents is considered bandwidth theft.

USE OF PHOTOS ON THIS SITE - Persons or organizations desiring to use the photos contained on this site must obtain the written consent of the contributor, or the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the site manager with proof of this consent.

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