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Upload a Gravestone Photo...

Select a photo to upload then press "Submit"
If you have a transcription, but no photo, download a photo here.

 We encourage you to submit both a gravestone photograph and a transcription of the names and the words on the gravestone. Your effort to transcribe the gravestone will make this site much more useful to others searching for their family.

It's As Easy As ...

Select a photo and upload it to the server. Photos are optimized during the upload process and are not required to be resized prior to upload, but the smaller the file size the faster the file transfer.
View your photo and ensure that everything was uploaded correctly.  You can crop the photo, or make any adjustments at this time.
Now it's time to transcribe the information from your photo to the GPP database.  Up to ten names can be attached to any gravestone.

Download An Image For The Co. Tyrond Headstone Photo and Transcription Site:
For those of you who have transcriptions of your Ancestor's Headstones but no images,
you may still submitt your transcription.
You will need to use an image, so please download this image to upload to the site.
Co. Tyrone Headstone Transcription Project Get Image
(Right click on image and select 'save image as' to save this to your computer).
Then use it when you create your listing on the Co. Tyrone Headstone Photo and Transcription Project.
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