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Gilmerton - The Story of A Village Through Our Family History

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1821 Gilmerton
In 1821 there was a shooting outside a Pub in Gilmerton Village. At the time, the pub was most likley named "The Gilmerton Inn" or "The Inn in Gilmerton". A young man by the name of John Anderson was shot by Robert Charlton. You can see the 10 July 1821 Newspaper story HERE (top of 2nd column).
Transcription coming soon.
For now, here are the names of the people mentioned:
- Robert Charlton, found guilty and sentenced to "transportation for 7
- John Anderson, victim (attended school at Gilmerton) was returning
- Thomas Armour, was with John Anderson
- George Knox was with John Anderson also.
- William Tait, (Gilmerton) apparent neighbour of Mr. Robert Mitchell
(William was returning from Dalkeith Market on 18 Jan 1821, when at
Melville Castle Gate, he saw 2 men with guns)
- A person, surname Murray, came up to see what was going on.
- Thomas Bain came out of his house (Gilmerton) ... and said "the
black-guards ought to be stoned out of town"
- One of the men with guns was dressed as a 'game-keeper'.
- Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell (in my tree, her maiden name Elizabeth Weir) -
said the men had 3-4 gills at her home that nite, one of the men loaded
a gun while at her house, but not the prisoner.
- Dr. Stevenson, attended John Anderson
- A man with the surname Thomson, joined John Anderson prior to the
- Mr. Dickson addressed the Jury for the prisoner.
- Lord Gillies (would this be the Judge, or Crown Lawyer?) said the
crime was of most serious nature.
- Lord Succoth (?)
- Lord Justice Clerk (maybe this was the Judge)
- Counsel for the Crown -the Lord Advocate and J.A. Maconochie, Esq;
Adam Rolland, Esq; W.S. Agent, for the prisoner. J.W.Dickson and Mark
Napier, Esq's; Peter Cam?ill Esq. S.S.C. Agent.

(some) Other names on this page, no connection to article: DEATHS: - At Dublin, Lieut Colonel John Campbell of the 2d Royal Veteran Battalion. - At Coldblow, county of Dublin, Denis George, Esq late, a Baron of his Magesty's court... - At Kilbryde Castle, 21st June, Susan Jane, the only daughter, and on the 3rd July. Colin the infant son of Sire Alex Campbell, Bart. - At Scarva House, Downshire, Ireland 2 July, Eliza Amelia, only daughter of the late Andrew Macfarlane, Esq. of Donavourd, Perthshire. - 30th June in his 78th year, James Hamilton, sen. Esq of Mavisbank. - At Portobello, 30 Jun William Maxwell Morrison, Esq. Advocate - Cannan 5th William Wilson Esq. W. S. (this William Wilson could be in my tree too) - At Viewfeild Cottage, near Inverness on 25 June, John Noble, Esq of India House, London. - At Forfar, on the 26th June Peter Ranken Esq, Sheriff-Substitute of Forfarshire.

My 4th Great Grandmother, Elizabeth (nee Weir) Mitchell was a Witness to the shooting. I have the transcript of her testimony dated 1821 (I believe taken in Feb 1821)
Here is the testimony of Elizabeth Weir or Mitchell: (taken in regards to Shooting of John Anderson in Gilmerton on Thursday evening January 18, 1821, at the end of her statement is a portion from John Anderson.) *Note that John was not killed, he was just wounded.

Precognition against Robert Charlton 1821
[to see this document click here]

Declarant: Elizabeth Weir or Mitchell, (testimony) Wife of Robert Mitchell Cattle Dealer and Publican at Gilmerton who being examined declares that on the evening of Thursday the 18th ultimo [January] Mr [William] Tait the preceding Declarant came into the Declarants house and two men along with him who were strangers to the Declarant and each of them had a gun when they came into the Declarants house.

Declares that she thinks it was about seven o clock when these persons came in and they recudined(?) (stayed) about two hours. That they had some gills of whiskey and the Declarant served them, and also her servant Elizabeth Deans. _That they all three left the house together and the Declarant showed them out. Mr Tait being foremost and the two strangers carried their guns out with them.

That on one of the occasions when the Declarant was in the room where they were, she was putting one of the children to bed she lifted one of the guns from the side of it, but she cannot say whether it was a double barreled gun neither can she say whether th other was a double barreled gun. That there was no dog with the men. That one of the men put powder in the pair(?) of his gun when in the house, but she does not think she would know that man. That he was a stout male bad ruddy complexioned and was wearing dark coloured clothes. That she thinks she would know the other one who was also dressed in black clothes and they were shabby, and he was of a dark complexion. That Mr Tait appeared to be hearty with liquor but knew well enough what he was doing and the other two appeared to be sober when they left her house.

Declares that a few minutes after these persons left the house when the Declarant was in her shop (she also sells grocery goods) [nb, my assumption is the grocery shop is attached to the home where she put the children to bed], she heard the retort of two guns which from the sound she thought were fired at the north end of the town/(?Farm) being that nearest Edinburgh. That the retorts were so close after each other that there was not time for loading often between them.

Declares that fully an hour after Mr Tait had left the house with these men he returned and said that he had gone before them and that they had not com up to him and he mentioned that he had heard the retort of these guns and he aslo mentioned that some people had come and spoke to him about a boy being shot by the men that he had been in company with. Declared that before Mr Tait had returned Thomas Bain a Carter in the Village came to the declarants and said that a boy had been shot at by the men that had come out of her house and inquired if the Declarant knew them and she said she did not. And being shown the prisoner Robert Charlton, Declares that he is very like the man last described as having been in her house with Mr Tait and she thinks he is the same.

March 1821
John Anderson Labourer in the employment of Gilbert Innes Esq. of Drum and residing with John Bell Tailor in Gilmerton, his stepfather in Gilmerton, in the Parish of Libberton who being examined Declares that six weeks last night about nine o clock when the Declarant was coming from night school in the village of Gimerton and in company with George Knox and Thomas Armour who are in attendance that the Sheriffs office and when at the west end.... (all we have)

1833 Petition document signed by about 85 people in the Villiage of Gilmerton on behalf of John Wright, prisoner

[to see this part of the document click here]
Dated 14th Feby 1833
Presented to Sir John Dalrymple Barone
To the Honorable Sir John Dalrymple Baronet Member of Parliament for the County of Edinburgh.

We the Subscribers Householders in the Village of Gilmerton and its Neighborhood respectfully Entreat leave to address ourselves to the most worth and Esteemed Representative and to solicit his good office in a matter which to us humbly appears to be one of benevolence and Humanity—and if our good and Excellent Representative shall view it in the same light we are certain of no doubt of his giving his aid of his powerful influences. The matter to which we refer is that of John Wright lately carter of Gilmerton, presently a prisoner in Edinburgh Goal under sentence pronounced against him, under sentence of transportation beyond seas for Seven Years pronounced against him by the High Court of Judiciary in Scotland.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[to see this part of the document click here]
The circumstances attending the case of this young man are particularly stated in a Petition to His Majesty a copy of which is herewith transmitted. And the Subscribers being satisfied that the facts therein contained are accurately set forth.

Humbly Supplicate their Honorable and respected Representative to use his influence with His Majesty to forward the objects of the petition.
James Wright		James Wallace		William Thomas
John Jack	    	     Mathew Hutchison	  Alex. Wright
James Jack		Andrew Dalzell		John (illegible)
John Bell		      John Henderson	       (illegible?)?Ranken Wright
Charles Miller		John Souie		John Hutchinson
David Pentland		James Craig		George Ross
James Smith		James Trinsh		John Shaw
James Craig	  				      Collin Jack
						       William Johnston
						       William Mitchell
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[to see names below click here]
William Rawley			        John Cameron
George Brown				Alexander Geddes
George Glasgar			John Craig
David Begare				Alexander Clerk
George Marr				James Aitchison
Charles Lassis				William Young
James Byares				William Clerk
John Lassis				James Clerk
William Lassis				George Sutherland
David Lassis				George Jameson
Archibald Young			Andrew Clerk
James (illegible) (?Hume)		Robert (illegible)
James Rutherford			Samuel Jack
Thomas (illegible) (?Burns ?Hume)	Ebenezer Middlemap
Archibald (illegible) (?Burns)		John Wattie (?Waldie)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[to see names below click here]
Daniel MacLaren			James Stewart
					         Hugh Mitchell
John Brown				William Mitchell
Alexander Pentrent			John Mitchell
Thomas (illegible)    	John Tatford
John Young				William Greig
Robert Shelmert (?)			William Creig Esq
William Spanmart (?)			William Reid
John Heddie				John Mun
William Jonston			James Bell
William Bounhill			Alexander Boyne
John Hardie				B Douglas Cawford
Robert Nicolson			Alex Penman Jr
R Handyside				Rob Bulman
					   Andrew Taylor
					   William Trotter(?n)
					   John (3 words illegible)

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